How Negative Feedback can be Beneficial to Your Business

A recent article, 7 Roles Every Startup Founder Must Learn to Play by Andrew Gazdecki says that an entrepreneurship  requires dedication, flexibility and the willingness to play different roles.  

Here are seven significant roles you must learn to play if you’re thinking of starting a business in Charlotte.

1. The Believer

First and foremost, have zeal and passion in your business idea. Lead, inspire and motivate a team to help you get many people to believe your idea as much as you do. Believe in what you do and create direction with vision.

2. The Planner

You must present an idea and direction for others to place their faith in. Strategic planning and openness to criticism is required especially when things aren’t going the way you had hoped.  

3. The Decision-Maker

This is one of the most significant roles in order to succeed. You have the final say, it’s your responsibility to evaluate the situation, weigh potentials and make tough calls. For instance, should you rent Charlotte Shared Office Space or Charlotte Executive Office Space for your business? You must have a proactive mindset to make the right choices.

4. The Informer

You need to be transparent to your shareholders and investors, what’s going on with the business, what the company will do and will not do (by doing this, you gain respect and enthusiasm that leads you to success). 

5. The Chief Accountant

It’s your job to manage and control revenue, investments and expenses in order to grow your business.

6. The Salesperson

You need to sell your idea 24/7, develop your profile and nourish your brand reputation.

7. The Responder

Your role as responder depends on your ability to listen. Get feedback as much as you can to help develop and improve your product.


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What other roles do you play as a startup founder?  Let’s hear your story.  Feel free to visit us also on Facebook and Twitter.

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