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YourOffice provides fully serviced individual & executive offices, team spaces and virtual office solutions. You’ll find everything you need to stay connected and focused on your business. Forget all the worries and distractions of having to rent, set up, staff, equip and maintain an office. Best of all, the YourOffice on-site team provides a supportive nvironment focused on maximizing your productivity. We’re here to help you realize your goals and achieve your best business results.

Charlotte, NC – Ballantyne

Address: 15720 Brixham Hill Ave.
Suite 300,Charlotte, NC 28277

Phone: (704) 944-3200

Fax: (704) 944-3201

Email: [email protected]


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Individual office

Perfect for a small business owner or remote sales rep, Individual Offices feature the optimal privacy and exclusivity required to propel your business forward. These offices are incredibly comfortable and wired with high-speed connectivity, backed by the latest technology for optimal performance.

Team Office

If collaboration is what your business requires, Team Offices are the perfect solution for your business. Choose the ideal set-up for your team of designers, programmers or other workgroups.