4 Ways to Avoid Boring Presentations

A recent article, 7 Things Successful People Do Before Every Presentation by Larry Alton  says that the success of your presentation, whether you’re standing before a hundred of important business leaders or just a few people you know depends on how you prepare for it in the days leading up to that moment.

Here are helpful tips to make a remarkable presentation.

  1.  Know your audience

Your audience will determine the success of your presentation.  Consider the following questions to help you create an appropriate presentation.

  • How many people will be in your audience?
  • Will they be male or female?
  • How old are they?
  • What positions do they hold?
  • What is their interest in your work?
  1.  Research the venue

You can’t prepare a universal presentation that will be appropriate for all venues.  Consider the size and ambiance of the venue/meeting space, how long the presentation will last, what technology and equipment are available, etc.  Remember the functionality and ambiance of the venue has great impact on your presentation. Therefore, research the venue in advance and form a presentation around it.

  1. Create a presentation and not a speech

Make sure you’re making a presentation and not writing a speech.  Think about all the important points you want to present and make an outline and not a lengthy paragraph.  Your presentation may be in the form of prototype, interactive demonstration or a Powerpoint presentation.

  1. Practice until you feel comfortable to go live

During your practice sessions, make sure to touch all the elements of your presentation not just your speech.  Focus on your body language, your eye contact, your pacing, and your tone.  Remember, a remarkable presentation has a natural element to it, so don’t over rehearse.


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