People may view the life of an entrepreneur through rose-tinted glasses, but in reality starting your own business isn’t easy and you are going to weather a lot of setbacks says Sarah Daren in her article, 5 Tips for Persevering as an Entrepreneur. In order to push past the obstacles to success, you need to develop the two most important traits of a successful entrepreneur—persistence and perseverance.


Here are five tips to help you persevere as an entrepreneur.

  1. Build Your Network

Being a small business owner can feel very lonesome. You’ll be alone in a small office space with your thoughts most of the time until you have the funding and team to need one. Luckily, the Internet makes it very easy for you to connect with other entrepreneurs going through the same process you are. 

  1. Expect Rejection and Setbacks

Successful entrepreneurs in different  executive suites have experienced rejection and setbacks when they’re first building a business. Thus, expecting rejection and setbacks along your business journey could make it easier to overcome these setbacks and challenges.  Building your first business is a roller coaster experience, equipping yourself for the normal ups and downs of entrepreneurship will help you persevere during the hard times. 

  1. Take the Responsibility

Many people tend to blame others when confronted with a problem and they are not taking responsibility for their own situation. However, successful entrepreneurs take the responsibility to improve the situation—taking the ownership of your success or failure helps you to persevere. Taking responsibility is the best way to persevere through the tough journey of entrepreneurship.

  1. Practice Active Leadership

Active leadership is a key factor to successful entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurs understand that if they just continue on taking action and fine-tuning their approach, they can lead their organizations in attaining the goals they want.  Persevering means taking action when you’ve encountered a setback and use them as a catalyst for your next approach, instead of dwelling on the problem and feeling discouraged. 

  1. Identify Your Needs

Self-care is very essential when running your own business. You need to recharge on a regular basis in order not to burn out and have trouble persevering.  That means you need to make room for fun and adequate sleep, and it might also include something like meditation or yoga. Yoga or meditation can be a great way to feel more focused while gaining flexibility and strength. Everyone has different needs when it comes to self-care, thus it’s important to find something that works for you!



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