YourOfficeUSA Serviced Office Centers: a midlevel investment that offers top-level returns.

YourOfficeUSA is a franchise opportunity like nothing else: opening a YourOffice location complemented with an exceptionally appealing lifestyle. Our business model leverages the benefits of dealing exclusively with a professional clientele, filling a growing need while offering a more fulfilling career:

· Your clients are professionals, not harried parents, fussy toddlers or unpredictable shoppers.

· You work with a small number of professional employees, not teenagers or transients.

· Your workplace is clean, not filled with grease, chemicals or hazardous materials.

· You work regular hours-no late nights or weekends.

· You collect through contacts- no cash counts or robberies.

· You get a growth opportunity unaffected by weather, seasons or retail cash-flow exposures.

Instead of working weekends and worrying about overtime, you work business hours with clientele who genuinely appreciate your services, and you enjoy the satisfaction of growing a business that helps other professionals grow theirs. But with YourOfficeUSA Serviced Office Centers, you won’t work alone. You have comprehensive backing and support to make your franchise a success!

The New Office Marketplace
The way the world is changing-and it could be to your advantage! In today’s economy, professionals demand a new kind of office. Here’s why: · Companies of all sizes are reinventing the “where”, ”when” and “how” people work. · New technologies mean work is now done faster and easier across time and space. · Smaller, more remote, independent and home-based business units are exploding. · Professionals are choosing to work in many places, closer to home and at home. The result is an explosive demand for flexible, cost-effective, convenient, fully serviced offices and workplaces. Professionals want to lower the time and capital required to assemble and secure an office without the problems associated with a long-term commitment to real estate, equipment and staffing. The new office model provides a professional image and address with comprehensive resources for conferencing and admin support for a fraction of the cost of locating and developing an office from scratch. Consider the numbers. According to the World Design Collaborative, by 2007, as may as 20 million people will want to work one or more days a week in an environment that’s neither the home nor the corporate office; and an anticipated 40% of the workplace will be distributed by 2012. Benefits consulting firm, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, predicts that half the American workforce will work remotely in 10 years. We are pleased to introduce YourOfficeUSA: YourOfficeUSA Serviced Office Centers is uniquely positioned to lead this seismic shift in work environment by offering the workplace of the future: adaptable, affordably price office centers packed with the technological sophistication that today’s “information age” workforce demands.

A Location for Success YourOfficeUSA is a growing network of upscale, flexible, fully service workplaces strategically located and efficiently designed for success.

Each YourOffice Center is built out, staffed, equipped and business ready. Our clients simply walk in, sit down and get to work! Because our facilities and services are shared, our gain access to all the benefits of an impressive full-service office environment-without the capital costs or hassles of long-term office leases, equipment and staffing normally associated with the traditional office.

Sure, we save our clients time and money. But we also enhance the quality of their lives with added flexibility, convenience, a positive business image and increased productivity.

A YourOffice Center typically occupies 10,000 to 30,000 square feet of space. We offer:

· Full-time offices for businesses that want all the amenities of a professional office without the lengthy commitments or expense.

· Virtual offices by the hour, day or week that provide professional support services on an as-needed basis.

· Professional business center services, including telephone answering, private mailboxes, videoconferencing, teleconferencing, PC conferencing, document production, graphics services and more.

In fact, franchises derive a significant portion of their income from non-rent value-added services. Although specific locations are custom tailored to local needs and opportunities, the basic concept is a commitment to client conveniences, which include:

· Professional reception services

· Copier, graphic design and direct-mail support and services

· Fully equipped café, networking and meeting areas

· Complete administrative and concierge services and support

That’s YourOfficeUSA Serviced Office Centers. A highly efficient, comfortable and prestigious business environment staffed to support and enhance each client’s image and productivity.

Today, professionals can choose where, when and how they do business. They expect more than just an ordinary place to work.
YourOfficeUSA is responding to this growing demand with a smarter way to set up an office. Our growing roster of satisfied clients includes home-based workers, independent professionals and small businesses, as well as many of the world’s largest and most respected companies.

The YourOfficeUSA Support System
We’re passionately committed to your success. Our company culture demands it!

It just makes sense. The YourOfficeUSA family can’t grow unless you grow. That’s why we help you avoid the trial-and-error process of starting a new business. Our training program teaches you everything you need to know, and our management gives you all the support you need to succeed. In fact, we take an active role in helping you select the most appropriate location for your franchise. And we help negotiate the most favorable leasing or acquisition terms possible.

When you become a YourOfficeUSA franchise, these are among the many advantages you will enjoy:

· Comprehensive analysis of your market and site selection assistance.

· Efficient center design and operating systems that meet strict standards, making your business more productive and more profitable.

· Access to state-of-the-art telephone, videoconferencing and computer systems.

· Grand opening assistance.

· Access to YourOffice-CMS (Center Management Software), which streamlines billing and simplifies your daily operations and accounting.

· Comprehensive initial training and ongoing training, coaching and support.

· Research, development and industry leadership that continually explores new opportunities for service and profitability.

· Brand building and marketing assistance to enhance the ramp-up of your business.

Our success depends on our mutual commitment. We attract top-quality team of enthusiastic franchise partners and then support and nurture their success at every step.

THE LEADERSHIP Operated by the most experienced and respected people in the serviced-office center industry.

Our top priority is our franchise partner’s success. The YourOfficeUSA leadership team bring a wealth of expertise and field-tested talent to helping you fulfill your ambitions and goals.

Collectively, their experience reflects more than 30 years of successfully developing, opening and operating more than 100 service office centers under major brands such as ALLIANCE, HQ, Regus, Arbor and now, YourOfficeUSA.

· J. Scott Rae Buono – President/CEO

· Norman Fox- VP/Director of Technology and Support

· David Middleton – VP/Marketing and Business Development

Are you ready to makeYourOfficeUSA part of your future?

We’re looking for ambitious franchise partners who are every bit as committed to growth, service and outstanding performance as we are. Although a single center franchise is a great way to get started, we encourage interest in multi-unit opportunities. In fact, our ability to negotiate, develop and support multi-unit franchises is one of our greatest competitive advantages. An area development could include up to 10 locations to support a longer-term investment and growth plan for the qualified franchise partner.

The right franchise candidate meets the following minimal requirements:

· A passion for operations excellence and continued progress

· A minimum cash balance of $250,000

· A minimum net worth of $1,000,000

What happens next Our success is rooted in the quality of our people, which is why we’re committed to a step-by-step process that allows time for meaningful, mutual understanding to ensure the right franchise fit.

We’re here to help, so give us a call.

Telephone: 1-800-400-5139

E-mail: [email protected]

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Phone (704) 945-7111

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