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A recent article, 7 Simple Ways to Make Team Meetings Count by John Rampton says that team meetings are an essential element of your office culture but they are not appreciated much.  In fact, according to a recent Harris poll, 46% would choose to do something else other than attend and sit in a status meeting.  For this reason, transforming those counter-productive meetings into a meaningful one is necessary.

Here are simple tips to make team meetings efficient.

1.Make it relaxed

Start it with an interactive game, a short story, or even a joke. However, be cautious of being too relaxed, lest your important team meetings become nothing more than social gatherings.

2.Hold Stand up meeting

Empty out the chairs from your meeting space and have stand-up meetings instead to set your team meetings different from the daily grind. Stand-up meeting doesn’t only promote engagement, but it also reduces meeting times, so your team can spend more time producing results.

3.Refresh the Agenda

Refresh your agendas with relevant topics, business news, and new tactics that can help the entire company to keep your team meetings more significant.

4.Rotate the Presiding Officer

Every meeting should have one person to preside for more efficiency. Let your employees volunteer and enjoy the experience of leading a meeting. You can create a short instruction for them to follow.  

5.Get Feedback

The most efficient way to optimize your team meetings in agile office space is to ask feedback and suggestions.  You can ask them what topics they want to discuss, how to discuss them and what they would suggest to make team meetings more enjoyable and valuable.

6.Have a quick recap

Have a quick recap to ensure that your employees are going back to work with the meeting’s most valuable advice in mind.


These tips will help your team meetings more valuable and more enjoyable.  The venue of your team meetings has great impact has also great impact.  YourOffice Ballantyne has come alongside dozens of business looking for everything from office space Ballantyne to meeting space Ballantyne. We know your business is unique, and your office space shouldn’t be any different. Let us match the perfect space or service to fit your business needs.

How do you conduct team meetings? Feel free to share your comments.  You can also see us on Twitter and Facebook.

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