Having meaningful conversations with your staff is essential to your company’s success. However, in an article, The Top Overlooked Communication Skill of Great Leaders by Lou Casale says that as a leader or manager, if you’re always dominating conversations and keep on talking, you may be missing out on unique ideas that others are hesitant to share.

Here are some tips to ensure conversations in your company are more engaging and productive.

  1. Encourage participants to come to meetings with ideas in writing.

Allow everyone to discuss their insights, regardless they may sound contradicting. Sometimes an idea that may seem conflicting can ignite enough conversation to turn out to be an idea that makes a big difference.

  1. Focus your undivided attention on the person who is speaking and ask clarifying questions.

Make sure everyone in the meeting space has an opportunity to both speak and listen. Leaders and managers aren’t the only ones who benefit from listening, but it will help your staff better understand the business and its challenges in the future.

  1. Ask thought-provoking questions to yield greater responses and ideas.

Asking great questions will allow you to learn more about your colleagues and the facets of the business you may be less involved with on a daily basis. Great and tough questions will also allow the person who is responding learn and discover things they may not have realized.

  1. Provide positive reinforcement to colleagues who suggest new ideas and solutions.

Recognizing your colleagues in team office space who suggest potential ideas and implementing their solutions on projects will result in more collaborative and meaningful conversations in the future.

  1. Ensure issues that arise are assigned to the right people.

Clearly communicate priorities to everyone so they will understand which projects or tasks are the most significant. Also, allow the right people to give their suggestions on the prioritization of these issues. Follow up with the team or provide status updates accordingly.


By being a good listener, you empower your staff to present new and interesting solutions to the challenges your business faces. You build trust and connectedness within your organization as you set out to accomplish your vision and goals, thus everybody learns and wins. If you’re looking for workspace solutions for your team in Ballantyne, YourOffice Ballantyne has come alongside dozens of businesses looking for everything from office space Ballantyne to meeting space Ballantyne. We know your business is unique, and your office space shouldn’t be any different. Let us match the perfect space or service to fit your business needs.

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