4 Tips to Meet Your Deadlines as a Freelancer

A recent article, 4 Things about Self Employment You Should Know before Making the Leap by Renzo Costarella says that being self employed offers many choices and the freedom to choose is both the best and worst thing about it.

Here are four things you should know about being a freelancer before taking the plunge.

1. It’s not always easy being your own boss.

Being your own boss is one of the biggest perks of self employment.  Nevertheless, you need to make big decisions and you’re going to face the consequences of those decisions. You need to decide whether to rent office space by the hour or individual office space, you need to choose which hours you work and which hours you don’t. You are the CEO and there’s no boss to back you up or a colleague to blame.

2. Certainly you have more time freedom, but managing that time will be harder.

When you’re self employed, you get to create your own schedule. You’ll be able to wake up whenever you want, look for meeting rooms rental and set your own meetings, schedule breaks, and many more! However, many of us aren’t so great at time management, that’s the downside.  The key is scheduling.

3. You need to be shrewd about which jobs you take, and which clients you work for.

In the beginning you have to take every job you can get as a freelancer. Indeed, you should try to take on jobs as they come. However, you need to focus on establishing relationships with quality clients rather than always finding new ones.

4. It can be lonesome.

Things do start to get lonely when you work alone. Sure, you can attend networking events in various conference rooms for rent, but most of the time you’re spending alone.


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