Office Space

Working from home is great, yet having your own space separate from your family in order to get things done is greater. In an article, 3 Questions to Ask When Choosing Between Co-Working Space Options by Amanda Abella says that the birth of coworking spaces and its continuous growth make solopreneurs and small startups happy that they have a space to call their own without paying for their own commercial office space. 

Coworking space offers multiple benefits, but you have to consider the following factors when choosing your coworking space option to avoid unnecessary spending.

1. Frequency of using it.

How often you actually plan on going to your coworking space will determine what coworking space is best for you. Most coworking spaces offer flexibility, so if you plan to use it at least once a week, look for coworking space options that offers rent office space by the hour.

2.  Agreement terms.

Determine how long you’re going to use the office space. Most coworking spaces offer flexible agreement terms and office plans to ensure the perfect set-up for your business.

3. Perks and Amenities.

You may need some perks and amenities to improve your business like meeting rooms for rent, local telephone number, client lounge and beverage service, Wi-Fi/High Speed Internet, etc.

4. Space rental. 

Coworking space rental varies depending on its location, and you need to decide if it is worth the price. Do you have sufficient income to rent a desk or individual office space? Do you need the space for expansion? Do you have a team?


These are the factors to consider when choosing the perfect coworking space for your small startup. So if you are looking for the best workspace solutions in Ballantyne, YourOffice Ballantyne offers you a wide choice of office and workspace solutions: Ballantyne flexible office space, Ballantyne team office space and Ballantyne virtual office packages. You’ll have access to a complete array of office support and concierge services as well as state-of-the-art business technology.

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