Are You Ready to Quit Your Full-time Job

A recent article, How to Overcome Bad Impressions by Holly Skinner says that there will be embarrassing or awkward moments where you made a professional gaffe or mixed up your words from time to time particularly early in your career.  Nevertheless, learning how to overcome negative impressions is a significant skill for success in the workplace.  

Workers lacking in soft skills may, at times, give negative impressions of themselves around the office. Here are three ways to overcome bad impressions in the workplace.

  1. Kind gesture

When you have been in a disagreement with a coworker during a team discussion in a team office space, find a way to make peace with them instead of shooting sideways glances and mumbling under your breath for the rest of the day.   For instance, bring them snacks the next day, or compliment them explicitly at the next team meeting. By showing respect for them, you’re conveying a message that a disagreement can remain in the past and doesn’t affect your view of them.

  1. Approach

If you’re anxious about a possible impression you’ve made, just approach the person and talk to them. Say something like, “My sincere apology, I realized after we spoke yesterday that I did a mistake. I didn’t mean it that way. What I really meant was… ”.

  1. Apologize

It’s not easy to apologize, but sometimes it’s important to accept that you were wrong and apologize for what you said.  Honesty and humility are good signs of emotional intelligence, an essential skill for success in the workplace. Don’t forget to listen, too. Speaking honestly about negative feelings can allow both parties to move forward. Paying no attention to negative emotions can grow deeper either on your own mind or leave a negative impression to someone else.


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