4 Actionable Tips to Hear Your Customers

A recent article, How do You Keep Employees Motivated in a Small Business? by Jonathan Furman says that employee satisfaction is essential for optimal productivity, and there are numerous ways to keep your employees engaged and motivated without splurging.

Here are three simple tips to help maintain and improve workforce motivation.

  1. Offer flexibility in terms of work location.

There are certain sorts of jobs and roles that a dedicated, physical office space is required, but employers should certainly allow a bit of flexibility where it is possible. You can fix a certain number of ‘work from home’ days that your team member can avail every month, but ensure that does not adversely affect your business processes.

Some employees are more productive when they are working remotely from home or in a virtual office space near them, and this could considerably improve retention and job satisfaction rates.

  1. Offer small and simple perks.

Small and simple perks can be very helpful for short-term productivity, especially when they catch employees off guard. You could surprisingly treat your employees for a free, simple lunch, or you could screen a big sporting event in the office so that your staff can watch it while working. Or you could design a flexible office space where employees can freely roam and work from wherever their preferred spot is. A healthy number of small perks that are offered in moderation can do real wonders for productivity.

  1. Have a real open line of communication.

Have regular and short one-on-one meetings (and you can do it in a small meeting space) to measure employee motivation levels. Make each employee feel valued and recognized. You may need to exert some effort and energy on each member of your team before you see favorable results.


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