A recent article, 3 Telltale Signs of Toxic Company Culture – and What to Do About It by Caitlin Zucal says that a vibrant company culture is essential to every business—it describes success. Therefore, leaders must be aware of the manifestations of weak company culture that will adversely affect their organizations. 

Here are three warning signs of weak company culture and what to do about it.

  1. Knowledge hoarding

Unwillingness to share knowledge is the main cause of toxic company culture and places your company at substantial risk.  Instead of teamwork, everyone looks out for themselves – a condition that certainly makes innovation an impossibility.

  1. Unsatisfied employees

Unsatisfied employees don’t just lack energy, they never stop complaining. These individuals become liabilities, instead of displaying positivity, their negative attitudes result in an infectious disconnect from a company’s mission and vision—they drive away even the most dedicated employees.

  1. No open communication

Without open communication, employees are not fully informed of what is really happening in the entire organization.  A lack of understanding will exist despite announcements and meetings and can result in suspicion, confusion, and unnecessary tension among employees.

Some tips to prevent toxicity from spreading in your company.

  • Encourage employees to share new ideas with leadership.
  • Perform a culture or employee engagement appraisal.
  • Encourage an open door policy that allows employees to share ideas, build relationships, and feel that their opinions matter.
  • Include in your performance reviews what your expectations and values are – such as a “love of learning” or “respect for others”.
  • Conduct one-on-ones at least every other week to evaluate employee morale and to prevent problems from blowing out of proportion.


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