Brilliant Leaders

A recent article, What Differentiates an Exceptional Boss from the Rest by Roy Osing says that we are inundated with tons of advice on how to be a good leader who practices the craft according to the generally accepted leadership rules.  While direction from expert can be useful, it stops short of enabling someone to separate themselves from the herd to become a brilliant leader different than others.

However, there are brilliant leaders who don’t practice the art of leadership the way other leaders do. They are contrarian thinkers who are unique in their approach to attract followers.

Here are 15 unique qualities of mind blowing leaders.

  • They like individuals more than the theory of leadership.
  • They also ask for help when they are in trouble.
  • They say sorry when they screw up.
  • They stay true to their promises.
  • They remember people’s name and their special events.
  • They use realistic stories and events to highlight what is important and expected behavior.
  • They value and appreciate others.
  • They know that perfection is unattainable.
  • They trust and believe their employees’ passion and engagement.
  • They understand the direct relationship of company’s goal and the role of each person in it.
  • They use layman’s words for easy understanding, useful in advancing their program.
  • They love denims – they are cool and relax.
  • They promote work flexibility and autonomy.


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