A recent article, 5 Reasons Everyone Should Have a Mentor by Paul Keijzer says that sure you’re smart, creative and innovative to run your own business, but to really expand your business into a sustainable one –you’ll need guidance from someone who fully understands just how to do that—a mentor.

Here are four reasons why you need a mentor.

  1. Great knowledge and experience

Veteran mentors have vast experience and knowledge to help you learn and understand business matters and definitely cut back your learning curve.  More importantly, they’ll help you avoid making the same blunders they may have made.

  1. Access to a large network

As a young entrepreneur in a commercial office space, you may have a limited network that confines your ability to expand your horizon and reach. Mentors can connect or introduce you to other established and successful business leaders who can help expand your growth.

  1. Insight and Perspective

Mentors can provide you meaningful insight and perspective based on the abundance of their experience and deep understanding of the business realm for your greater success.

  1. Help You Improve and Grow

As a leader who’s always aiming for improvement, you’ll need a mentor who can keep a check on you and guide you towards success through constant self-improvement. They can help you align your ideas and iron out the rough edges.


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We hope we shed a little light on the importance of having a mentor.  We’d love to see your thoughts and comments below.  Feel free to see us also on Google Plus and Twitter.

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