Long Weekend

A recent article, How to Be Productive After a Long Weekend by Sophia Bernazzani says that many people would agree that getting an extra vacation day is an awesome thing, whether you decide to stay at home or take advantage of the time off by visiting a new place. Nonetheless, once you get back into the office it can be overwhelming with only four days left to get your job done.

Here are a few tips to enjoy your long weekend vacation without derailing your remaining work days.

Before you sign off

  • Check your calendar for the week ahead before you sign off for the long weekend. For example, reschedule your appointments in executive suites Denver that fall on the day off. Then, rearrange your schedule so it isn’t packed with meetings the moment you get back to the office.
  • Inform people in your out-of-office auto-reply that you won’t be able to respond to emails until you get back to the office.
  • Make a list of what you need to prioritize when you get back into the office–it’s easier than trying to remember it three days after.

When you get back to work

  • Check in with your team, whether it’s virtual or in-person. For instance, book a meeting room and have a brief meeting with your team to assess what everyone’s focusing on to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Take a look at your to-do list (which you prepared before you sign off) and determine what needs to be completed on the first day  and what can wait until later in the week.
  • When you log back into your email, sort your messages according to which need immediate replies, and which can wait until the next day.


With these steps, we hope you have a great long weekend   and a productive next week, too. If you are a freelancer or a team leader working remotely, YourOffice offers you a wide choice of office and workspace solutions: virtual office space, meeting room access, and coworking office space. You’ll have access to a complete array of office support and concierge services as well as state-of-the-art business technology.

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