4 Tips for Efficient and Productive Staff Meetings

A recent article, Why Strong Employee/Employer Relationship is Important and How to Achieve This by Chelsea Leigh Bent says that a strong employer-employee relationship is one of the essential factors to a successful organization.  If a strong relationship is in place, employees will be more productive, efficient and loyal. 

Here are tips to create harmony and build strong relations with your employees.

Set measured goals

Building a strong relationship is providing your employees with the image of ambition and success. A great managerial mantra “Under-promise, Over-deliver” needs to be considered. Be not the person who has wildly positive goals, but never meet, but be the person who sets calculated goals and goes beyond what is expected. While this is focused on image, it also is focused on reputation, these are important when seeking respect from your employees.

Maintain an open communication

As a manager or business owner in an executive office space, implementing an open door policy is an essential factor when creating a work environment with an effective communication network. Always remind and emphasize that you are willing and ready to listen to any questions or concerns. Maintaining an open communication will allow you to immediately identify any problems that need to be resolved promptly.

Train and empower your employees

Delegation of work/tasks throughout any business is significant. Through proper delegation, you are teaching and empowering your employees as an employer in a commercial office space. This also allows you and your team to acknowledge and understand their strong points and weak points.

Foster equality

Equal treatment in the entire workforce will create a fair and happy workplace environment. If employees feel they are important and receive equal treatment, they are most likely working in harmony towards your business success.


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