Does marketing technology fascinate you? Do you become so enchanted that you forget the basics? Whether you are using a traditional campaign or a digital one — business owners should always keep marketing basics top of mind.

“You always need to keep the basics in stock. And no matter how fancy you’re getting, the basics still matter”,Drew McLellan’s grandma used to say, author of “Don’t forget the marketing basics”.

We are all guilty of jumping on the latest marketing bandwagon. As a result, we overlook business development fundamentals:

Vital Marketing Basics

  1. Marketing Plan and Budget

You need to have concrete plan and a sufficient to market your business in serviced office space consistently.  A plan helps you stay on course, even when you’re short-handed or swamped. Marketing success does not happen by accident.

Without a budget, a concrete, viable plan is a pipe dream. Let’s face it, a million dollar marketing plan would do significantly better than a $5,000 plan.

  1. One Advertising Message

Some business owners get excited and want to start multiple marketing messages fearing they might never get another round at the audience from plug and play offices. We know that ineffective ads are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Regardless of the marketing approach you employ, ensure you have one captivating message. Focus on that point and nothing more.

  1. Marketing Timing

Just like the wise advice about investing – you should give up any hope of being able to precisely time your marketing. Very limited businesses in full service virtual offices can forecast with even a modicum of certainty when someone is going to become a customer.

You need to be creating consistent marketing “deposits” so that whenever the market rises, a prospect is ready to buy – and you’re there and top of mind.

  1. Focus on Your Existing Customers

Going after new leads is never wrong; however, marketers should always remember that a big portion of their sales come from existing customers in full service virtual offices.

Statistics prove current clients are more likely to purchase more products from your company.


Knowing the marketing basics while keeping up to date on the latest trends is the very foundation of a flourishing business.

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