Google’s Mobile-First

A recent article, 4 Easy Tips to Beat Google’s Mobile-First Index by Adam Frankel says that the majority of consumers are now using smartphones, thus it requires mobile-friendly individual pages aside from a mobile-friendly website. With this shift, Google’s indexing priority will be mobile-optimized pages.

Here are four tips to adjust your web pages to the change in indexing.

1. Mobile-friendly configuration.

2. Get rid of clutter.

3. Localize user-friendly mobile pages.

4. New snippets

  • Choose dynamic serving where the URLs will be the same, but the HTML copy will adjust to the device being used so mobile users download a smaller version of the original content which makes loading faster.
  • Don’t use robots.txt file, signaling to Google that individual pages are optimized for mobile, and a rich user-experience.
  • Pop-ups: These are annoying and mobile users usually face difficulty locating the close button icon.
  • Flash: It is old school, instead use Javascript and HTML5.
  • Unintentional taps: Fix scrolling hiccups and simplify the layout to avoid accidental taps.
  • Large images: Use compression software to resize the image.
  • Codes and pages: Eliminate unnecessary codes and doorway pages that can trigger unnecessary redirects.
  • Include the state, city and zip code info in the title tag.
  • All tags and all other meta tags should have city information.
  • All pages should have business contact info (e.g. address, phone, fax and email).
  • For various locations, the contact details must vary while the content should be the same.

Google is updating and tailoring featured snippets for mobile users. As a business, anticipate that people search using names of areas and places. Optimize your site by targeting areas and places to make it look mobile-friendly.


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