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A recent article, Too Hot? Too Cold? 16 Hacks for Dealing With Unruly Office Temperatures by Carly Stec says that office temperatures have significant impact on employees’ efficiency and productivity.

More often than not, getting your office to a “perfect” temperature is an impossible battle— some people freeze, others sweat and a few feel perfectly content.

Here are some tips to keep you comfortable in unpredictable office temperatures.

When you’re freezing

  1. Layer up so that you have the flexibility to add or take off some clothing to keep comfortable.
  2. Roll up the curtains or blinds during the day to allow natural sunlight to heat up your area.
  3. Your ears are made of cartilage and are exposed, making them more vulnerable to the cold. Therefore, wearing large headphones will keep them covered up and away from the chilly air.
  4. Drink hot water, coffee or tea.
  5. Wear fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm.

When you’re sweating

  1. Use a small fan to create a breeze.
  2. Drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep you hydrated.
  3. Wear breathable/light materials like cotton, linen, rayon and silk.
  4. Run your wrists under some cold water in the washroom. You can also wet some paper towels with cold water and rest them on your wrists. This will cool off your blood which will cool down your body temperature.
  5. Keep a bottle of cooling spray in your desk and give yourself a spritz whenever you’re feeling hot.
  6. Snack on frozen fruit or smoothies.


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How do you keep yourself comfortable in your unpredictable office climate? Let us know your tips in the comments section below. You can also visit us on Google Plus and Twitter.

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