Today, we’re discussing how to set up and organize your workspace for maximum efficiency. A cluttered, disorganized desktop can zap your motivation and, in turn, make you and your team less productive. To get more out of your workspace, check out the following tips:

Clean up your entire office at least twice a year. Get rid of every item you don’t want or need. If you haven’t used an item in six months, throw it in the trash (or give it away). Take inventory of all the items you’re keeping in your office. Do they each have a function? Are they working properly? Make sure everything has its place (and its use).

Create homes for every item on your desk. This could include baskets for pens, in and out boxes for projects, and a dish for your keys. Strive to keep everything in its place. Keep big projects in filing cabinets under your desk.

Hands down, this is my favourite tip – get a good labeler! Don’t buy the cheapest one either. Choose a model that’s easy to use and has the functions you need. Label everything in your office space: shelves, drawers, bins, etc. It will keep you in line and it will also keep your employees in line.

Lastly, how do you manage your files and paperwork? Are you paperless? Do you keep hard copies of all your documents? Depending on your industry, you might be able to keep everything electronically, and this would save you a lot of space!

A tidy office enables employees to be more productive because they aren’t wondering where everything is. Test out the above tips and let us know what you think. We’re sure you’ll be spending more time working and less time organizing!

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