Work Space

Whether you work in an office or a cubicle, the state of your professional workspace can affect the way you view your job and the way others view you.

Below are three focus points to help you create a positive workplace atmosphere.

A messy workspace is a depressing atmosphere to work in. Clutter is distracting and bad for peace of mind. Also, your workspace reflects you as a person and a member of the company. If your work area is constantly cluttered and sloppy, you will gain a reputation of having those traits.

If you are an employee, consider your workspace to be an extension of your resume. You may be a brilliant visionary and a hard worker, but if your boss notices your poorly managed work area, it could give the wrong impression. If you want to be recognized as a competent leader who is on top of their work, show that by maintaining a well-organized and clean station.

If you are a manager or business owner, the last thing you want is for your customers and employees to question your ability to run the company. A disorderly executive office is not an encouraging sign that the business is being managed well. A tidy and classy work environment states that everything is in proper order and you are capable of keeping it that way.

Your workspace reflects your work ethic, so it should reflect your personality too. Find little or big ways to make the space your own. Creating a personal atmosphere will stimulate a sense of comfort and pride at your job. Also, it increases your ability to connect with fellow coworkers and customers. Adding a personal touch to your work area makes a statement about who you are and invites others to share their interests and background as well.

As stated before, professionalism is a priority, so choose a unified theme for your decorations and make sure that your supplies complement each other. Try to avoid being eclectic, choose one or two personality traits to focus on; a favorite color, subject, or activity. But remember, the goal is to increase productivity, so it’s important to choose décor and supplies that inspire you, not distract you.

While looks are important when it comes to creating a professional and creative workspace, above all, it needs to be functional. Think through your daily routine: what tasks are you regularly assigned to? What supplies do you use the most? Now ask yourself; what would improve my work experience?

For example, if you are constantly working with forms and papers from multiple departments, you need a file system that is easy to access. Consider installing a shelving unit or paper tray organizer that you can label and temporarily store documents. The goal is to get the papers off of your desk and sorted in an easy to reach location.

If you are working with multiple digital devices, consider using a cordie or cable organizer to keep cords neatly secured and out of your way. An efficient work space saves time and energy, increasing your productivity and decreasing your stress.

If your workspace is messy, boring, or inefficiently designed, you are trapping yourself in a negative atmosphere that will define your work ethic and morale. If you want to look and feel successful at work, use the tips above to create an inspiring and productive workspace atmosphere.

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