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Every great business needs a great logo to serve as their trademark and calling card. Your business logo will eventually be the symbol that defines your products and services. Logos that are recognizable and memorable can become powerful marketing tools for your company. Below are a few tips to help you create the best logo for your business.

Be iconic
Customized font is a great way to make your logo stand out and give your brand some individuality. For example:

Day Offices

This iconic font was created specially for the Walt Disney company and the distinct typography is just as recognizable as the signature castle logo.
A unique color scheme is also a powerful marketing strategy when creating your business logo: Tiffany’s is robin egg blue, Home Depot is orange, T-Mobile is magenta. These color schemes have become trademarked by the brands they represent.

Be Unique, but Relevant
The Evernote app is a great example of a clever logo with meaning. The little grey elephant amidst a bright green background is not only unique and eye-catching, but it pays tribute to the saying; “an elephant never forgets,” which is perfect for an app like Evernote, designed to help users record and remember things. Also, if you look closely, the tip of the elephant’s ear is curved over to resemble a note.

Keep it Simple
Successful logos don’t need to be complicated. For example, the Nike logo is a check mark, Mcdonald’s logo is a large, golden M. These logos are simple and easy to remember, which make them powerful marketing tools. While adding clever detail is desireable, it’s important to keep the design clear and clean looking, so don’t go overboard.

Match Your Business’ Personality
You don’t wear bedroom slippers with a tuxedo. If your business is considered an elegant business, then your logo should be elegant. If your business is playful, then your logo should be playful. For example, take a look at the following brand swap:

Team Offices

Do these logos represent their respective companies well? If Lego is a building software for architects and Ray Ban is swim goggles for kids, then maybe. But since Ray Ban is a global eyewear company known for sophistication and Lego is a toy marketed to children (and the young-at-heart), both brands are better suited with their original logo designs.

Get People Talking
Creating a powerful brand logo goes hand in hand with creating a powerful marketing strategy. Customers need to know that your business is available and ready to serve, so put your business in the public eye and get people talking about it. The popular chicken restaurant, Chik-fil-a is famous for their “eat mor chikin” campaign, using signature cow characters to promote their brand on billboards, social media, and coupon calendars. Your business can use social media and other promotional tactics to increase brand awareness and start building a customer following. Consider contacting YourOffice, which provides everything from plug and play offices to full serviced virtual offices. They can help your business set up a virtual office, so you can manage social media accounts and better connect with your community.

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