Office Space

Choosing an office space for your business should not be done in haste. There are many considerations that need to be made, before signing that contract. Below are 5 questions to consider, when choosing an office space.

  1. What are the hidden costs?

The rent is only the tip of the iceberg. You must also factor in; utilities, moving expenses, and other costs that the space may require. Will you need to make any repairs or improvements? Is the space lacking in any amenities that you may need to pay for later?

  1. Is the parking convenient?

This little detail is actually more important than you may think. For instance, let’s say a client is arriving for a meeting at your office for the first time. Let’s add that they are also commuting from an inconvenient distance with heavy traffic for the entire drive. They finally arrive at the office building, with less than a minute to spare and all of the parking spaces are full, because the parking lot isn’t big enough. Or the parking garage is four blocks away from the office building. Or your business office shares a lot with Bumblebee Bakery and the only available spaces have signs that say; “parking for Bakery customers only.” If any of these are the case, your client’s first impression of doing business with you is not going to be a positive one. Most likely they will enter your office flustered and agitated, which is not a great way to start your meeting.

  1. Is there room to grow?

If you are anticipating fast growth within your business, then the office space you choose should allow for that. If the office space only meets requirements for your current size, consider either choosing a more flexible office space, or choosing a short-term contract.

  1. Does the location benefit your business?

Consider the location and surroundings of the office space. Is it easy to access and find on a map? Are the surrounding businesses potential competition for your business? You may find a great office space, but if the location isn’t right, your business could suffer. It’s important to take into account whether or not the location will attract the age and demographic of your target audience.

  1. How much freedom do you have?

If you are renting a space, be sure to get in writing exactly what changes you are permitted to make. It will be difficult to make the space your own, if your rental agreement doesn’t allow you to paint or implement other desired changes.

Consider all the options
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