Saint Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching. How will your business utilize St. Patrick’s Day this Tuesday, March 15th, 2015? Even if your business has nothing to do with Ireland or you detest marketing, there are a number of ways you can celebrate and raise sales at the same time. Check out our St. Patrick’s Day sale ideas:

Emerald Green

There are creative marketing ways to use the color green to market your small business. Bunker down with your marketing team to develop St. Patrick’s Day sales and discounts. Don’t forget, the first day of spring is March 21. Traditionally, this is the springboard for major spring retail promotions.

Luck of the Irish

Using the traditional term, “Luck of the Irish”, is a great opportunity for all sorts of contests. You can utilize social media apps such as ShortStack to create Facebook contests that tie in St. Patrick’s Day nicely. You can also utilize the Irish phrase to tell customers it’s their “lucky day” to take advantage of various sales.

Green Discount

Do you sell green products in your store? Create a special discount (10% off?) for everything that is the color green for St. Patrick’s Day only. If you don’t have green products, you could stick green labels on price tags for the same effect.

Don’t Forget the Leprechauns!

Remember as children we used to believe in the “pot of gold” under the rainbow? On St. Patrick’s Day, your business can utilize the leprechauns gold bounty in a contest such as: “Today’s lucky client is going to win The St. Patty’s Day ‘Pot of Gold’ and make sure to define what the actual “pot of gold” is (unless you’re a gold manufacturer of course!).

Purchase four-leaf clover stickers and adhere them to product labels. You could also purchase three-leaf clovers and offer different discounts for each type. Obviously, the four leaf clover would offer a better discount.

Repetitive marketing messages are one of the biggest mistakes small business owners can make on St. Patrick’s Day. A dynamic marketing plan can provide business owners with a powerful way to reach customers on St. Patrick’s Day.

How is your business celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Here at YourOffice in Orlando, we’re making sure we wear green on March 17th – we don’t want to get pinched! Don’t forget, if you’re in need of virtual office space, professional meeting rooms and other business services, YourOffice has everything you need.

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