5 Leadership Blunders to Avoid

Some people just exude negativity.  Everyone has encountered these negative nancy’s or ned’s in the work place.

The Nitpicking, mean, negative, rude, gossiping, conniving co worker.  Who is always at your desk, sitting through meetings with you, hovering over you at lunch.  The effects of their criticism drift through the office like poison, threatening your own peaceful temperament.

Unfortunately you can’t escape these people, they are a part of your everyday routine.  If you allow it, these toxic people will sabotage everything and everyone around them.

What can you do about it? Plenty.  Here are some ideas on how to effectively deal with them.

Poster person of Bad News

These people can’t wait to to tell you who in the office made a mistake or which person is getting fired.  They thrive on this information, and more so in sharing it.  For normal people this is incredibly draining. The best solution for these situations is to exit the conversation in a diplomatic and swift way.  Excuses like I have an important call to make, or a presentation to prep for.  The possibilities are endless, and your sanity will be intact.

Gossip King or Queen

In the work force the rumor mill never seems to stop.  Whispers of an office romance, someone is going to be laid off, talk of a new manager.  As rumors have it, they are repeated multiple times and often by the same person.  They just love stirring the pot watching the show.  What can you do, set boundaries.  When the gossiper comes to you with some juicy information just tell them you don’t talk office politics and continue on with your business.  They will get the point.

Drama Diva’s

These co workers seek attention and attention they will have.  Complaining about how they have the most work, or the worst clients, no matter what they will always one up anyones complaints..  As much as they complain they thrive on the turmoil, and the sympathy its brings.  The best quick fix is not the respond.  The more you feed the attention the worst the diva.  Give off the message that you’re not interested and they will find another victim.

Debbie Downer

No matter what good news you share, they will always find a way to ruin it.  With these types of people its best to confront the situation.  Point out gently how their negative view on things affects those and the energy surrounding.


Nothing is ever their fault.  A deadline was missed must be someone else’s error.  Victims complain about everything bad that is happening in their lives and are oblivious to their own control over the situation.  A victim never take ownership, and everyone is out to get them.  It can be hard to  help someone out of their black hole of negativity.  Without draining yourself suggest to your coworker that focusing on the positive rather than the negative can be much more uplifting.  Ask them how you can help to avoid miss deadlines, or help stratigize a better system to meet deadlines.

It only takes one person to derail a good day at work. But it also only takes one person to put that day back on track.  No matter your role or level, you can choose how to react to what’s going on around you.  Set your boundaries and always bring a positive attitude to your workplace.

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