A recent article, 6 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Your Business by Candace Huntly says that as a business owner, learning your competitor’s strategy and why it is working for them is a great tactic for your business growth.  Nevertheless, it’s not about stealing ideas, but adapting some ideas to match your unique brand and style.

Here are five things your competitors can teach you about your business in a commercial office space.

  1. Improving customer experience

Listening to what your competitor’s audience is saying about them and to them can help you improve your customer experience.  For instance, if you learn that they are not satisfied with something, solve the issue in your own business. By creating a solution for your competitor’s audience dissatisfaction, you are making your business more attractive.

  1. Building customer trust

If your competitors are trusted and respected in the industry, you should strive for that status and you can build your customer trust by knowing what techniques they are using to build that trust.  Sometimes it’s as easy as making themselves more available for public-facing opportunities.

  1. Using social media

Browsing your competitors’ social media profiles helps you see what they are doing to attract followers.  For instance, do they offer specials for social media followers? When and how often they post and what content has gained the most engagement?

  1. Interacting with your audience

Knowing how your competitors interact with their audience and how they build customer loyalty allows you to enhance your customer services. Learn how quick they respond and solve customer problems and complaints or what social media they utilize to efficiently interact with their followers.

  1. Being more careful.

Learning your competitors’ faux pas will prevent you from committing the same mistakes. This allows you to be more careful in your decision making.


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What are the things you learn from your competitors?  Let’s see your comments below. You can also see us on Twitter and Facebook!