A recent article, 5 Benefits of Collaboration In Your Small Business by Anita Campbell says that the key to improve your business efficiency, productivity and credibility is collaboration. By creating a collaborative environment you ultimately see long term results.

Here are four benefits of collaboration for small businesses.

1. Employees gain clarity in their roles.

Through better collaboration, each employee can fully understand their duties and responsibilities and therefore duplication of activities are being prevented. Things run more smoothly and get done rightly—that means more efficient processes, better communications, lower costs for the business, and faster turnaround times.

Utilizing collaboration tools like Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams helps your team work together efficiently and effectively.

2. Leverage each employee’s skills.

When employees are working together on projects, tasks/assignments can be divided up more effectively based on each individual skills (each person can work on activities that are perfectly matched with their particular strengths). This helps increase your productivity and also saves you money by reducing your employee turnover rate.

3. Attract and retain top talent by giving them geographical flexibility.

Through the use of cloud collaboration tools like Yammer your employees may be able to work from home a few days a week (to promote a healthy work-life balance) or you can hire freelancers who are the best at their job regardless of their geographical location.  If you can have a strong team with skilled professionals, it will help you be more effective and successful as a business owner.

4. Better service for your customers.

Team members who work harmoniously and efficiently will produce more satisfied customers that become your business brand advocates.


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