Virtual office space

The average American worker spends 45 hours a week at work. Whether you are working from home, in a shared office space, or at your own business, you probably spend most of your time during the week at your office.

It’s where your clients get their first impression of your business. It’s where your kids come to visit on “bring your kid to work day.” Your office is a big deal and it can have a major impact on your business production.

Below are 4 Feng Shui inspired elements that you can use to transform your office into a space of comfort, inspiration, and productivity.

1.Death to clutter

Create a proper location for everything so that you can clean and find things easily. Your desk should be an open and clean work space, not covered in papers, pens, and folders. The same goes for your office space, don’t let boxes stack up, or file cabinets overflow. A messy and cramped office can increase your stress level and cause distractions. It can also communicate disorganization and laziness to clients.

Keep the room tidy and arrange your furniture in a comfortable and convenient way. This will make it an efficient working environment for you and an inviting meeting space for your clients and associates.

2.Air and Light

 High quality air circulation and lighting will ensure a healthy office environment that can improve your concentration and stamina. Make sure your office lights are in good working condition. If the lighting seems too bright or too dim, explore alternative light sources.

Poor lighting can cause a headache and it’s hard to concentrate in a stuffy room. The more airy your office is, the more comfortable you will be while working.

3.Incorporate Nature

Inspiration and relaxation is often found in nature, so bring those elements into your work space. You can use the 5 Feng Shui elements to help choose decorations and furnishings that will improve the tone of your office:

  • wood- picture frames,
  • fire- light candles or burn incense
  • earth- incorporate potted plants, silk flowers, or nature inspired artwork
  • metal- display a Newton’s cradle desk toy or a stackable magnet sculpture
  • water- install a small fountain or aquarium

4.Color choice
Creating an inspiring and effective workspace takes a little effort. You want your office to be professional, but you also want it to look sharp. A client takes notice of an office that has a well designed color scheme and layout. You may not savvy yourself an interior decorator, but having an attractive office can actually attract more business.

Choose colors that complement each other and can be tied in with any artwork or colored furnishings that you want to include. Below are some of the most popular Feng Shui color choices for a professional office space.

    • Green
    • Lavender
    • Earth Tones – tan, gold, brown, burnt orange
    • Blue
    • White

Make the space your own

Your workspace can be professional and personal at the same time. Improving your office environment can boost your productivity level, employee morale, and customer satisfaction. Clients want to partner with a company that they can relate to. So, go ahead! Hang up that picture of your family dog that makes you smile. You just improved your office space and gave a client something they can relate to.

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