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Did you know that colors have mental and emotional effects on people, thus creating brand relevance and motivating purchases?  A recent article, 10 Colors That Increase Sales, and Why by Brian Morris says that marketers and graphic designers believe that colors plays significant roles in the success of any marketing campaign.

Here are ten colors that boost sales, along with the particular emotions they signify.

  1. Red:  The most popular color for marketing (just don’t overdo it).  It signifies power—it draws the attention of the people and it holds it.
  2. Pink:  If you are striving to captivate the young female demographic, then pink is the ideal color for you. It’s feminine, attractive and cool.
  3. Purple:  It is the color of royalty. If you want a touch of elegance and prestige to your marketing materials, then go for purple.
  4. Orange:  It signifies energy and attraction. It makes customers feel they’re doing business with a cutting-edge company.
  5. Yellow:  Yellow is a dominant color, but it is also the most treacherous shade. Use yellow to attract your audience’s attention, but let them know you’re confident in your abilities.
  6. Blue:  Blue is the color for you if you want your business to be viewed as trustworthy and cool. For best results, blend it with complementary colors.
  7. Green:  Known for its versatility—it is warm, pleasing and inviting.  It denotes wealth, health and goodwill.  
  8. Black: Black is another extremely versatile hue, Use as a contrasting color to add drama to whatever mood you want to project. It can be modern or traditional, exciting or relaxing.
  9. Brown: It is known as a comfort color, providing relaxation to customers.
  10. Gold: It also signifies elegance and prestige. Mix with purple or green, gold is an influential color that denotes wealth and pedigree.


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