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A recent article,In Focus: Co-Working Spaces Shaping a New Generation of Emerging Urban Landscapes by Jerry Hoffman and Jeff Green says that a new alternative workspace concept has gained significant traction worldwide with approximately one thousand coworking locations in the US alone.

The rise of coworking spaces was a result of the recession. New graduates found themselves jobless, leaving them to carve paths as freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Another contributing factor to the rise of coworking spaces is the increasing demand of freelancers as companies seek to streamline operations and cut down expenses.

Here are a few benefits of the coworking space concept.

  • Entrepreneurs, freelancers, contract workers, and small businesses collaborate and build a business community — individuals who share an appetite for places, spaces, and resources that meet their unique personal and professional needs.
  • Without the fixed financial obligations, professionals can reserve a desk, room, or “hot seat” at a table.
  • It’s a cheaper office space alternative, located in downtown or urban areas with additional services, flexibility, and scalability.
  • It offers the opportunity to work among a variety of like-minded people in an environment that cultivates creativity and inspires innovation.
  • The coworking office space concept allows businesses to assess a new market in a prime location relatively risk-free.
  • It allows greater flexibility and a project-to-project lifestyle.
  • The coworking trend has even started to influence large companies such as Google, Amazon, and Twitter, all offering their staff temporary spaces to work when on the road.


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