Are You Ready to Quit Your Full-time Job

A recent article, Take 4 Steps Back to Move Your Small Business Forward by Adam Root says that startups may need support from the government or even from large franchisors to succeed, but creating a firm foundation is one of the best ways to help your business thrive.

Here are four essential tips to help establish a strong foundation for your business.

  1. Learn your customer need/want. Successful entrepreneurs are not in the business just for the profit, but they want to make the world a better place. Write down the problem and provide a solution. That kind of drive leads to success.
  1. Ask whether your clients actually want what you are selling. According toa survey, the number one reason startups fail is that their products are not actually needed in the marketplace. To determine whether people are interested in your product, build a one-page website that defines, in straightforward terms, what problem you’re solving, and for whom. Include a call to action asking customers to give their email addresses, to receive “early access.”
  1. Talk to your clientele without pitching to them. Schedule a meeting space to set up a forum with your existing clientele and potential customers to discuss problems. Your main point shouldn’t be on pitching; it should be careful listening for pain points and asking, “Why?”

  2. Identify customer complaints and be ready to offer solutions. Evaluate the recurring patterns in your customers’ behaviors to identify what’s wrong with your business. Have a constant connection with them, review their comments and suggestions to determine what modifications and developments are necessary for your products and services.


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