Price Testing

A recent article, Price Testing Explained by Zach Heller says that price testing is just a simple process that can be done in various ways from simplest to the most complex one. Price is an important “lever that marketers can use to improve performance”. Businesses can perform test prices from time to time.

Let’s discuss.

Price testing

Price testing is a method used to determine the best (winning) price that yields the largest total revenue. Instead of using tools to determine the correct price to use, businesses allow the consumers to tell what the right price is.

The key to successful price testing

Lower price generates more sales, but higher price yields more revenue per sale. Therefore, it’s a matter of determining the right mix to achieve the highest revenue.

Simple and common ways of testing prices that you can use.  

  1. Use discounts and offers on your website to determine the effect of lower prices.
  2. Show different prices to different users and compare the results.
  3. Adjust the price of your products weekly or monthly to determine if that affects sales.
  4. Produce different types/models of your products and offer them at different prices to determine which yields better results.
  5. Use an email or call list to sell at a variety of prices then measure the resultant conversion rates.


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