Agile Office Space

A recent article, 12 Tips for a Wildly Productive Home Office by Ashley Coolman says that staying productive at your home office can be hard with the distraction of your comfortable bed that keeps calling your name, TV and Netflix attracting you and many others.

Here are tips to stay productive at home:

Create an exclusive space for work.
You should have an area in your house that you exclusively use for working so that when you go there, your mind will build an association between that space and your work.

Set up a space you enjoy.
Create a home office that makes you feel happy and comfortable when you enter. Think about what environment makes you feel most productive and then keep it for your space.

Get a practical desk and comfortable chair.
Your home office will be where you spend the most of your time so find a comfortable chair and suitable tabletop space you need.

A communication app
If you have team members in flexible office space, you’ll be needing communication tool for group chats like Skype, HipChat, and Google Hangouts.

A cloud storage solution
Storing all your files in the cloud like Google Drive and Dropbox means that when your computer crashes or if you need to access a file while attending a meeting, you can always access it using mobile apps or the browser on a different computer.

A collaboration tool
A collaboration tool allows you to remotely work with colleagues or clients, and keep everyone in the loop on task progress without drowning everyone in emails.

A website management tool
If you have your own business, you no longer need to outsource your website design. With the creation of tools like WordPress and Wix, you can create and completely customize your website.

Following the simple tips above, working from home can become more productive.  While you’re thriving with your career, a business location is highly recommended. YourOffice features a network of world-class business addresses. Each location offers both beautifully appointed short term offices and permanent individual office space. Our offices are move-in ready and equipped with top furnishings and technology that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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