A recent article, 7 Roles Every Startup Founder Must Learn to Play by Andrew Gazdecki says that adaptability and flexibility are essential to entrepreneurship. It requires dedication and the readiness to perform different functions.  

Here are seven important functions you must learn to start your own business.

1. The Believer

A startup founder needs passion and zeal.  The work is to encourage, direct, and inspire a team, assembling a group of individuals to believe in your idea as much as you do. This sense of belief is vital. Believe in what you do and create direction with vision.

2. The Decision-Maker

Decision making is one of the most important functions to succeed.  It’s your responsibility to decide and determine what is best for your business.  For instance, you need to decide whether to rent an office space or to lease commercial office space.  As a startup founder, you have the final say.

3. The CFO

It’s your responsibility to manage and control sales, investments and expenses in order to thrive.

4. The Planner

A startup founder needs to offer an idea and direction for others to place their trust. Strategic planning and openness to criticism is necessary, particularly when things don’t go as planned.

5. The Salesperson

You need to market and sell your idea 24/7, expand your profile and cultivate your brand reputation.

6. The Responder

You need to be a good listener. Get feedback as much as you can to help develop and improve your product.

7. The Reporter

You are the reporter of your company. You can meet your investors in a meeting room to discuss with them what’s going on with the business, what your company will do and will not do. By doing this, you get the respect and trust that helps you succeed. 

Final Thoughts

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