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Why do many salespeople fall short of closing the sale?  While there may be several reasons for failing to close, a recent article, The Top 7 Reasons Salespeople Fail at Closing the Deal by Grant Cardone  focuses on the major stumbling blocks why most people are not successful in this arena.

Here’s a list of hindrances you need to overcome to win. 

  1. A lack of belief in the product.

People that are selling every day may begin to lose their zeal. This can greatly hamper the ability to make sure the buyer says yes to what you have to offer. Giving up because of lack of confidence in a product/ service and the company represented is the first step to failure.

  1. Never tried to close.

If you don’t try you can’t know if you will succeed, likewise if you don’t try the close you won’t close.

  1. Reluctance to deal with emotions.

Most people find it difficult to deal with the emotional distress of waiting for and then accepting the yes or the no.

  1.  Underestimation of effort.

Inadequate assessment of required energy and effort to get something done is a major problem. If you aren’t prepared on a number of levels – emotionally, physically or technically this can prove to be a severe obstacle. 

  1.  No financial plan in place.

Salespeople work without clear-cut financial plans, thus they lack the proper motivation. Don’t underestimate the value of each deal closed and it’s impact on the future.

  1. Handling complaints as objections.

Don’t allow a complaint to turn into a bigger problem than it is. View complaints as just that and not as objections.  


Identify which of these hindrances keep you from closing the deal and figure out how to overcome them. If you’re a remote sales rep, a great mentor can help you improve your selling prowess. Likewise, a great workplace can boost your productivity. YourOffice features a network of world-class business addresses. Each location offers both beautifully appointed short term offices and permanent individual office space. Our offices are move-in ready and equipped with top furnishings and technology that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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