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The Christmas season is a time of giving and sharing, which means businesses have the opportunity to make more sales than usual.  A recent article, 12 Holiday Marketing Tips for a Festive Christmas by Veronika Baranovska says social media is an effective to generate buzz around your brand.  

Here are six holiday marketing tips for Christmas.

1. Get into the holiday spirit.

Start dressing up your website and your social media profiles with tinsel, sparkles and snowflakes – add it to everything! If you need help, you can hire a designer or developer. If you’re on a budget, access Canva or bigstock images.

2. Spread the cheer on your Pinterest Christmas board.

Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

  • Christmas recipe
  • DIY presents
  • Christmas Tree
  • Home/office decorations
  • Gift wrapping
  • Secret Santa presents

3. Promote gifts and stocking stuffers.

Whenever you have items that are small and inexpensive, promote them as stocking stuffers. Customers love having these types of options during the holiday season, and are always on the lookout for a great steal.

4. Be aware of availability and shipping.

In this holiday season, customers need to be confident their gifts will arrive on time for Christmas. It is crucial to display all delivery information on the product page as clearly as possible. Also, be sure you have enough of items to provide to customers during the rush.

5. Offer a free gift with purchase.

Instead of a voucher or discount code, try to include a present like candies, personalized card or a small stocking filler that will be free with purchase. With the right free gift, customers may make a purchase they wouldn’t have otherwise.

6. Promote a sense of urgency

Limited time offers and countdowns are attractive to clients when you provide a valuable offer. Make it clear when your discount will end, and give indicators of urgency by using terms such as ‘running low’, ‘limited items’, etc.


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How do you maximize profit during holiday seasons?  Let’s hear your comments. Feel free also to visit us on Twitter and Google Plus.

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