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A recent article, High Levels of Quality Communication by Chris LoCurto says that effective communication is very important and beneficial to success in many areas of your life.

Here are some tips to help improve your communication skills.

Verbal Communication

You first have to recognize the person you’re talking to.  You have to start by understanding how they receive information. Here’s some advice:

  • Keep calm in the process.
  • Focus on the things that you’re saying.
  • Be polite.
  • Be cautious about matching the emotion/mood of the situation.

Speak clearly and politely to avoid misunderstanding and conflict.

Non-Verbal Communication

You’ve got to understand that your body language speaks a lot. Understand your non-verbals– all of your facial expressions, your eye contact, your posture, and your gestures with your arms and legs.

Ensure that your entire body language radiates positive vibes.


If all you do is talk without listening, then how will you ever know if you’re communicating effectively?

If you’re going to communicate well, you have to listen really well.


Your patience has to correspond with the thing that you’re trying to teach; if you want to make a team member successful. For example, if you’re trying to teach them how to make coffee, then a little ounce of patience is needed. If you’re trying to delegate large tasks, then you need a lot of patience–allow them to ask questions and make sure that they understand the large projects you’re assigning to them.

You need patience and ensure that it’s parallel to the content that you’re communicating.

Ask Questions

Make sure you’re asking relevant questions to gain perspective and lot of information. Care enough to find out. The more perspective you have, the greater decision-making process you have.

The more you ask questions, the better you’re going to be at communicating.


Learn to be effective communicator and be a successful leader by applying all the tips discussed above. If your business requires collaboration, then team offices are the perfect solution for you.

YourOffice features a network of world-class business addresses. Each location offers beautifully appointed day offices and team office space that are fully wired and ready for you to move in and start working.

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