A recent article, Five ways taking breaks can improve productivity by Regus says that in today’s workplace, it’s common for employees not to take breaks because of the heavy workloads.  However, did you know that taking breaks in your daily routine can actually boost your productivity and efficiency?

Here are five simple ways to make the most of your breaks to boost productivity.

  1. Have a quick walk.

Sitting and staring at  the computer all day long is tiresome. Take a quick walk around your workplace in Lake Mary Team Office Space or it’s even better if you can walk outside to detach yourself from your work physically and refresh your mind. Going on a quick walk regulates your blood flow and allows your mind to have some rest from any stress you’re experiencing.

  1. Take healthy snacks.

Taking healthy snacks such as fresh fruits like banana and apple, nuts, fresh vegetables, tuna sandwich and cereals can increase energy level and boost productivity. Avoid snacks from vending machines that contain much sugar which impair cognition.

  1. Meditate and relax.

Meditating at work can relieve stress and increase focus. Find a quiet place in your office in Lake Mary Flexible Office Space where you can relax for a little while and have a few moments of reflection. According to a study, those who meditate can stay on task longer and were less distracted.

  1. Have a quick chat.

Conversing with coworkers during breaks offers a great opportunity to build strong ties in the workplace–it can boost productivity and help employees enjoy their work more.

  1. Take a power nap.

Taking a 20-30 minute nap helps restore mental alertness and increases energy levels. It helps performance without leaving you feeling sleepy or interfering with nighttime sleep.


Ensure that you take your breaks and follow these simple tips to help you stay productive and efficient in the workplace. YourOffice has come alongside hundreds of business looking for everything from staffed flexible offices to agile office space. We know your business is unique, and your office space shouldn’t be any different. Let us match the perfect space or service to fit your business needs. 

How do you spend your breaks in your workplace?  Let’s see your comments below. Feel free to visit us also in our Facebook and Twitter.

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