Effective Leaders

A recent article, 5 Surprising Qualities the Best Leaders Possess by Karla Cook says that normally, great leaders possess charm, unwavering confidence and intense desire to bring about change.  However, there is a unique set of qualities that are unexpected character traits and behaviors associated with successful leaders.

Here are five unique qualities of effective leaders, check them out to see if you’re on track to become an effective one.

They have insecurities.

Ironically, leaders who have insecurities about their own abilities are more than able to adapt to change and constantly improve themselves. Self doubt prevents them from getting arrogant and becoming too comfortable in positions of power.

They are not self-sufficient.  

Great leaders accept they can’t do everything on their own. They build significant connections with their team, ask for differing opinions, and promote an environment beneficial to everyone’s success — not just their own. Take note that a collaborative model of leadership is good for your team and for the entire business.

They are not authoritarian.

They don’t insist on taking full control in every situation or circumstance, but instead they can step back confidently knowing that their staff are trained to deal with any given situation with a guiding set of principles. They understand that managing people means giving direction, guidance and support.

They are open to outside influence.

Great leaders are firm in their opinions and principles, yet they are open to outside influence when needed. They listen to others opinions and perspective to get better results instead of relying only on their own.

They are predictable.

Great leaders are predictable, so employees are not disrupted and stressed for sudden changes but they are given “the mental space to do great work.”


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