Martin Zwilling in his article 5 Principles For Working With Someone You Don’t Like says that in any business, one thing is sure–not everyone you have to work or deal with will be like you (no one is alike) or will like you.  These people may include an investor, a key vendor, one of your business partners or even one of your best clients.  Nevertheless, you must reconcile these differences to attain shared business goals.

Here are five tips to help you bridge the gap with someone who doesn’t or isn’t like you.

  1. Focus on the business result you are looking for.

Bear in mind that you are doing business with them and so are they. Stay focused on the result you are looking for and what you are required to do to achieve it. You can have meetings in person with them in Lake Mary meeting space to come up with mutual agreement. Remember, success is about respect, cooperation, problem solving and collaboration.

  1. Don’t assume that everyone thinks like you. 

Remember, people working in different executive suites or short term offices come from different cultures and backgrounds, so don’t expect that their behaviors and outlooks will be the same like yours.  There are very few absolute rights and wrongs in business, so expect different opinions and don’t allow your differences push your buttons.

  1. Don’t attempt to change them – Be civil and diplomatic.

You can’t change people, so whatever their behavior or manner towards you or your business, stay positive and professional, and treat them with respect. Don’t let tension to shoot up, keep calm.

  1. Agree to disagree without being critical. 

Saying “I see it in a different way” is neither critical nor hostile, and it doesn’t mean you are trying to “win over the discussion” or convince the other person to change their judgment. It disperses tension and can lead to constructive conversation that allows you and your peers to work together productively.

  1. Know that they’re not trying to be difficult.

Business people you are dealing with in starting and running your business in team office space Lake Mary are just being who they are. Don’t let your emotion or theirs obstruct communication. Don’t take it personally!


These tips will help you bridge the gap between you and the people you deal with.  If you are looking for better workspace solutions in Lake Mary, YourOffice Lake Mary offers you a wide choice of office and workspace solutions: small office space Lake Mary, executive suites Lake Mary and meeting space Mary. You’ll have access to a complete array of office support and concierge services as well as state-of-the-art business technology.

How do you bridge the gap with someone you don’t like? Let’s see your comments.  You can also see us on Facebook.

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