Employee Morale

A recent article, 5 Ways to Improve Employee Morale and Engagement by Andrew Deen says that low morale increases the rate of turnover, which dramatically drains business time and resources in hiring and training new employees.

Here are five tips to boost your employee morale and make them loyal and engaged employees.

Encourage teamwork

Encourage teamwork within your organization to prioritize engagement and morale—employees help attain business goals if they work harmoniously with the people around them. Team building activities like watching talent shows, participating in volunteer work or lunching with the team will help build team rapport, promote positive morale, and support ongoing engagement.

Provide a prestigious and modern workspace

A prestigious and modern workplace like executive suites Philadelphia or Office Space Philadelphia help increase employee morale and engagement.  Employees who enjoy their work environments are more inspired to report to work and perform their tasks happily and efficiently.

Express gratitude

Special events like pizza or ice cream parties and company outings are great ways to express your gratitude to the entire workforce. It’s also vital to show you care on a personal level to recognize each employee achievement and make sure you give a token of appreciation for employees on their birthdays and other special days. These gestures will mean a lot to your team.

Offer wellness programs

Wellness of employees has a huge impact on productivity, thus providing wellness programs like “quiet rooms”  for stressed employees , massage, gym memberships, flu shots, etc. are great ways to motivate employees and keep them in good shape–these improve engagement and morale because they feel they’re well taken care of.

Provide career advancement opportunities

Providing career advancement programs (which are relevant to your business)  to employees, such as seminars, tuition assistance, continuing education classes, and other learning opportunities will help keep your employees’ engaged and inspired.


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