Employee Becomes Disengaged

A recent article, 7 Steps to Take When a Star Employee Disengages by Harvey Deutschendorf says that one of the most difficult situations a management can experience is when employees become disengaged in the workplace.

Here are five steps you can follow to find out what is going on and make the necessary changes.

  1. Schedule a conversation with them

Don’t ignore the situation, instead find a place like meeting space and schedule your conversation with them, but make sure there are no deadlines or project that requires a high level of focus during that time.

  1. Be honest and sensible

Initiate the conversation on a positive note by discussing the person’s past performance and appreciate them for going over and above in their role. Then mention the changes you have observed in them, but never make interpretations/assumptions about what has caused their change in behavior.

  1. Listen attentively

Let them speak and listen attentively to find out what is going on. Reiterate what they have said to ensure you’ve heard them right and ask them to clarify things you aren’t clear about. Pause for a while before you react to let them know you really grasp what they said.

  1. Come up with a mutual plan

If the problem is about personal lives, ask them how your organization can help them. If it has something to do with the workplace (e.g. annoying coworkers, inconvenient office space) ask their feedback to improve employee engagement.  But, don’t make promises that you cannot fulfill.

  1. Give them a pleasant exit

If it turns out that their interests, passions or future plans no longer align with that of the organization, thank them, wish them well and give them your blessing for their future.


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