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A recent article, 7 Hacks to Strategic Selling for Startups by Jonathan Furman believes that sales can be difficult if you run a startup, and there’s no guarantee that your sales presentations are rewarding all the time.  Nevertheless, here are a few tips to make your interactions with your customers more successful.

  1. Consider your potential customer needs.

As a start-up in a commercial office space, you have the chance to create a product that suits your customers’ needs/wants. Considering what your customers need will go a long way in identifying the product or service you need to provide.

  1. Promote your brand before the sales process start.

Write blogs, post it on social media and ask your family, friends and colleagues in plug and play offices to spread the message about your forthcoming offering. Also, place your offering in direct competition with the product of a competitor when marketing your product. This will provide customers a better insight into what your product can offer them.

  1. Don’t scale too quickly.

You lose sight of your main goal—to attract and retain loyal customers when you focus on scaling-up too quickly. You make unnecessary expenses in materials, equipment, people and even a bigger office space that will affect the cost of the product you are selling.  

  1. Offer a lower introductory price.  

Initially understand that you may have to spend more and earn less, but this approach will ensure that you don’t let go of consumers who are willing to buy your product, but at a lower cost.

  1. Develop strategy for customer retention.

Provide your customers reward programs, discounts, and offers. You have to add value at every phase of your interaction with the consumers, from product design to after-sales service.  This will promote goodwill and loyalty.


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