4 Tips for Efficient and Productive Staff Meetings

A recent article, 7 Strengths of Likable Leaders by Mike Michalowicz  says that owning a company doesn’t necessarily make you an inspiring, respected leader.  It takes effort to earn the trust and respect of your employees. In fact, being an inspiring leader means being the best leader you can be. 

Here are five leadership hacks that will not only benefit your business, but will also gain your employee’s loyalty.

  1. Be thankful

Take every chance to shower deserving employees with public praise, and you’ll earn loyalty and constant support from them. 

  1. Be Kind

Spend some time to learn about your staff’s concerns, their stresses, and their families.  Find ways to make a connection between personal and business goals. This will build an environment of success for you and your employees.  

  1.  Empower your Staff

If you want your employees to support your company like their own, then you must empower them and allow them to be part of decision making.  You may have to accept some gaffes along the way, but engaged and responsible employees are worth it.

  1. Be approachable

Be always ready to listen, to advise, and to guide.  For example, you can book a meeting room and schedule a regular meeting for discussion, brainstorming and training to help your staff learn to solve some work issues on their own.

  1. Call your employees by name

Calling and addressing your staff by their names suggest connection and respect. Learning the most basic piece of information (their names) about your employees makes them feel important and boost their morale.


Leadership isn’t just a simple role but a mindset. Following these leadership hacks will help you earn employees trust and respect to help your business thrive. Likewise, a well designed office space is a reflection of how you value your employees. YourOffice Denver has come alongside hundreds of business looking for everything from staffed flexible offices Orlando to agile office space Orlando. We know your business is unique, and your office space shouldn’t be any different. Let us match the perfect space or service to fit your business needs.

Any other tips to make you a respected leader? Let’s see your comments below. We’d also be glad to see you on Facebook and Twitter.