Decision Makers

A recent article, How to Sell to the 5 Types of Decision Makers by Aja Frost says that there five different styles of decision making. Therefore, as a salesperson, you need to learn your buyer’s style and how to identify them to ensure you are selling to them the right way.  

1. Charismatic

Charismatic decision makers are easily excited by new ideas. They’re chatty, lively, and results-oriented. They tend to focus on the most recent proposal or suggestion — getting them to actually commit can be challenging.  

Don’t be trapped with their excitement, but back up your claims with facts and data, to get their support.

2. Skeptic

Skeptics are extremely doubtful, particularly of anything that disagrees with their present knowledge, experience, or opinions. They are vocal and domineering.

Be as discreet as possible when you need to correct a skeptic. Trust is vital to winning the deal so as much as possible get a referral from someone in their circle.

3. Thinker

Thinkers talk cautiously, read widely, and look for as much information as possible. They choose to defend themselves from risk than innovate. Further, thinkers are very rational and respond far better to qualitative arguments than emotional ones.

Earn their trust by explaining the possible obstacles of the deal, your product, or strategy. You’ll be most successful if you offer them the information they need and allow them to draw their own conclusions.

4. Controller

Controllers are sensible, organized, accurate, and detail-oriented. Although they don’t normally express their insecurities/fears, they have extreme aversion to uncertainty.  

You can ease their fears/anxieties by presenting data-backed, linear, crystal clear explanations. Once you’re done, give them time and space to make their decision.

5. Follower

Followers are cautious and meticulous. They usually do something if they’ve already seen it effectively implemented elsewhere.

For that reason, you should rely greatly on case studies, customer testimonials, and well-documented results.


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