Focus and Motivation

A recent article, 3 Ways to Declutter Your Mental Workspace by Mahesh Rajagopalan says that keeping your focus and motivation is essential to startup success. While you learn lots of valuable skills in business schools, nobody teaches you how to stay focused in the high-pressure environment.

Here are few ways to stay focused and motivated.

  1. Create a routine.

Each morning, spend at least fifteen minutes to review your past day’s progress to help you prioritize what you would like to finish during the day. Devote your morning schedule to the significant matters and do the housekeeping tasks in the afternoon.

  1. Conduct a monthly assessment.

As a startup owner, you can be very busy during the day, nevertheless it’s very essential to step back from your daily grind and spend some time to evaluate your team progress and efficiency. For instance, get out of your executive office space once a month and find a perfect place like meeting space Denver to meet your team to assess and revise the opportunities and challenges for the upcoming quarter.  This monthly meeting can help you track progress and improve efficiency.

  1. Relax in the middle of the day.

As a startup owner, multiple challenges are struggling for your attentions so ensure to spend some time in the middle of the day to relax and refresh.  If you can’t get out, book a meeting room or find a quiet place to take a few moments to reflect and meditate. Use the peace and quiet to refocus and recuperate.

  1. Declutter and organize your office space.

Your workspace environment plays a significant role in your mental health. Removing any clutter and keeping only the necessary items on your table help keep your mind clear and focused. Also, using ergonomics table, chair and other office paraphernalia promote physical well being.   


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