Emotional Intelligence

A recent article, Want to Become More Emotionally Intelligent? Here Are 9 Things You Can Do by Lindsay Kolowich says that having high emotional intelligence is essential to  build and maintain more meaningful relationships — both at work and in your personal life.

Here are things you can do to improve your emotional intelligence.

Watch your own emotional tendencies.

The better you recognize and understand your emotional tendencies, the better you can manage them. For instance, observe how you feel in certain circumstances, such as traffic jam or how you’re treated as a member in office space for teams; what’s your emotional state? Begin to analyze how you react/behave based on those circumstances.  

Learn to handle your negative emotions.

Managing your emotions appropriately is a big part of increasing your emotional intelligence. Nevertheless the hardest part of this process is to control negative emotions, but doing so is vital to avoid misjudgment. The solution is to allow yourself to feel those negative emotions, then practice deciding how to react astutely with those. 

Take responsibility for your actions.

Humility is a powerful part of being emotionally intelligent — and one way to be humble is to take responsibility when you offend or hurt someone’s feelings. Taking responsibility for your actions and reactions reveals that you’re self-aware, honest, and committed to be a part of a team.

Learn to express difficult emotions when necessary.

Being truthful to others about how you feel fosters trust and helps people feel comfortable opening up to you. It’s all right to say “no”, have limitations, and express differences, but express your emotions calmly and peacefully.


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