A recent article, 3 Ways to Declutter Your Mental Workspace by Mahesh Rajagopalan says that focus and motivation are important factors to startup success. However, in a high pressure environment, stress is inevitable and can leave you feeling unmotivated.

Here are four tips to stay productive and avoid burnout in spite of being responsible for so many different aspects of the company.

  1. Set your daily priorities.

Each morning, spend a few minutes to assess your previous day’s progress. This will help you prioritize what needs to be done during the day.  Dedicate your mornings to the essentials to provide enough time to deal with bigger items in the afternoon.

  1. Conduct a monthly meeting with your team.

It is important to evaluate the team’s progress and productivity. Spend a day each month to get out of the office–find a perfect place like meeting space Charlotte to meet your team to review and revise the opportunities and challenges for the upcoming quarter.  This monthly meeting will provide you with a good oversight of the progress and efficiency of your team.

  1. Organize a small office space Charlotte style

Workspace plays a significant role to keep your mind clear and focused. Keep your workspace clean and free from unnecessary things that can distract you.  Furnish your workspace with an ergonomic desk chair and other modern equipment necessary for your efficiency. Keep it professional yet fun.

  1. Take a break.

Spend at least fifteen minutes each day to take a break in the middle of the day. Have a quick walk or take your lunch with a friend to refresh your mind, or find a quiet place to take a few moments to meditate –use the peace and silence to rejuvenate. This is especially helpful when you are confronted with many challenges.


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Any other tips to keep you focused and motivated?  Feel free to share your thoughts. You can also see us on Twitter and Facebook.

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