In an article, Office Relocation? 6 Tips to Reduce Office Moving Stress by Brian Hughes says that office relocation is stressful, whether your business is moving to a new office space just across the street or across the city.  In addition, poorly managed office relocation has great impact on your business operations.

Here are some tips to help reduce office relocation stress and continue your business as usual.

  1. Plan the relocation process in advance.

Provide yourself at least three months to put together a clear relocation plan.  You can book a meeting room and discuss with your team about the plan so they can manage workflow appropriately and support a smooth transition process. You can also discuss with them what needs to be transferred to the new office, what should be discarded and donated. Advanced planning will help streamline the relocation process and eliminate unnecessary hiccups.

  1. Plan for coverage during the relocation period.

It’s not advisable to halt the operation during the relocation period, instead you can close your office on a weekend, or you can designate one employee as the direct contact or get a virtual receptionist to answer calls “live” in your business name to ensure that client and customer support is uninterrupted.

  1. Careful labeling of boxes and containers.

Sorting essentials and nonessentials and careful labeling of boxes and containers can provide easy and seamless unpacking.

  1. Transfer the non essentials first.

Transfer first the non essentials to the new office space and keep the stuff that is necessary for daily operation until the day you move to reduce downtime.


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How do you facilitate office relocation? Feel free to share your comments.  You can also visit us on Twitter.

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