A recent article, How to Make Time for Networking  by Choncé Maddox says that networking is a great tool to propel your business forward, but you may not be able to make it a top priority if your schedule is already occupied.

Here are some tips to help you make time for networking so you can benefit from it.

  1. Schedule Events Earlier

You have to be really intentional if you want to make room on your schedule for various networking events in different meeting rooms for rent.  You really need to decide how many networking events you want to attend in a month. But ideally, set a goal to attend at least one networking event per week or per month to fit into your schedule. Going to an event once a week might just too much for you right now, so start slow.

  1. Choose Events outside Your Work Schedule

Scheduling a lot of networking events during the time you work can seem somewhat counterproductive, so choose events that take place before or after your scheduled work time. For instance, you can attend a weekly networking event in meeting space Philadelphia from 8-10 every Monday and extend your work for one-two hours.  Or you can attend networking events in the evening or weekend if you have really hectic work schedule.

  1. Attend Your Favorite Conference Once a Year

Attending conferences in different meeting rooms rental in various places is an ideal way to get a lot of networking done all at once. However, traveling for a conference and taking several days off can be hectic, so you can attend your preferred conference per year. Attending conferences allows you to learn many things beneficial to you and your business and at the same time offers a lot of time for networking as well.

  1. Join Online Community

The internet is a great tool to widen your network. Join online community like Facebook Business Groups and join in a forum or discussion relevant to your business and make note of the resources that are mentioned.  You may find someone in the group who you’d really like to work with and establish a mutually beneficial relationship. However, joining an online community can be counterproductive, so make sure to allot time for how long you want to network in the group. Perhaps you can allot 10-15 minutes per day or 1 hour per week and make the most of it. 


Networking is one of significant tasks that you have to prioritize and these tips will help you make time for it.  YourOffice Philadelphia offers you a wide choice of office and workspace solutions: small office space Philadelphia, executive suites Philadelphia and meeting space Philadelphia. You’ll have access to a complete array of office support and concierge services as well as state-of-the-art business technology.

How often do you attend networking events?  Feel free to share your thoughts.  You can also visit us on Facebook and Twitter.